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i2tech.ru - a site dedicated to innovative information technologies. Currently, CAD users are forced to seek a compromise between three conflicting requirements: speed, accuracy and dimension. Therefore, if we can significantly increase the speed, it will lead to qualitative changes in the capabilities of CAD and significantly change the world around us. To date, to increase the performance of CAD systems use multiprocessor computers (supercomputers). Unfortunately, their effective use is limited by the finite capacity of internal parallelism of known algorithms. So urgent is the development of new mathematical methods and algorithms that allow more fully parallelize tasks of CAD. Modeling technology systems in parts - is the software (LSSP), which introduces a new mathematical method to parallelize the simulation of complex systems and thereby increase the speed of simulation. The technology was created by the fact that he was an original way of decomposing systems into parts and the direct numerical method for matching the solutions found along parts of the systems consisting of many interconnected functional blocks.

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What has been developed:

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Information about the project

Date of completion of the project 10.04.2011
Development time 3 hours
Participated (persons): 1
Technologies used Graphic Design
Used software Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator