Recent completed projects:

Designed a master and content pages of the website, devoted to grapes, wine, grape juice, as well as set up for communion wine connoisseurs.
Designed web site Was developed by website design and layout and made ​​it hosted on the server.
Developed a mobile application that allows you to take advantage of a taxi in San Francisco by pressing just one button.
Designed logo, color palette, as well as an icon for the mobile applications and vector illustration for the theme site.
Was carried out redesign and layout of the website
The 5 States of Success
Mob software for users of psychological tests for the I-Phone. Designed exclusively for "The five States to Success"
Meet After Look
Mob application of online dating.
Rapid development of the logo for the company i2Tech.
Rapid development of design pages
WEB-site of paid ads in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. Convenient search by map, nice interface, easy and reliable service!